Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year, New Approach

Being the contemplative type (read: a navel-gazer), I tend to tinker with my blog's look-and-feel with some regularity. You may have noticed the progression. Light blue heading with textured background and gray side panel. This was followed by the Dark Blue with Vulture avatar, neon green text and trim, textured Gold sidebar. This was followed by the Fall colors Red, Yellow, and Orange, with a "real" lurking vulture logo. This past weekend I changed it up again, going with Navy and White as the primary colors, with Red subtext and with Gray-Blue as the side panel color. The "real" lurking vulture logo now resides on a white background.

"BFD", you say. "Who cares about the colors and layout? It's the content I care about." Which, it turns out, is the point of this post.

I've been ruminating (read: navel-gazing) about the blog and its content. As a result, the following changes will be in place for the new year.

  • I have come to the conclusion that weekly and monthly Wiener awards is too much. I've decided to go with a single Wiener award, to be awarded on an ad-hoc basis (read: "as deserved") versus some sort of fixed schedule. Fear not: the Wiener of the Year award will live on. It's my favorite post of the year, every year.

  • I've decided to forego my habit of chronicling every 49ers game for the entire 17-week NFL season. It's too much work for me and, frankly, bores most of you. I'm contemplating some sort of 'Weekend Highlights' post, which will be in style and format very similar to my 'Vulture Droppings' posts. I'll include some sort of game reaction blurb in the 'Weekend Highlights' as opposed to a long-ass full post.

  • And speaking of 'Vulture Droppings', I plan to do more of those this year than last. It allows for a much better opportunity for analysis of the issues of the day.

  • Lastly, I vow to FINALLY complete the 'Death Knell' series on the fraud that is AGW.
If there is any sort of feature you would find interesting or topic which you would like to see given more attention, let me know. I always aim to please.

Oh, one last thing. This is DEFINITELY the year that I break free of the constraints of Blogger to create my own free-form website. Hopefully, that will be the last time that I change site format - but, knowing me, I would warn you: don't count on it.