Monday, January 11, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up

Welcome to the first edition of Weekend Wrap-up, a new kind of post serving as a catch-all for events of the weekend (read: a place for me to pontificate on NFL football and whatever else I feel like w/o having to do a full-blown Vulture Droppings).

Here are the things I picked up on this past weekend.

The playoffs started this weekend. Three of the four games were either blowouts or were never in doubt. But the fourth and final game was a hoot! It was the highest scoring playoff game in NFL history, as the Cardinals (AKA the Niners' whipping boys) beat the Packers 51-45 in overtime.

Both quarterbacks - Kurt Warner (379 yards, 5 TDs) and Aaron Rodgers (421 yards, 4 TDs) - were outstanding. Both defenses were....invisible? Incompetent? Out to lunch?

There was a lot of QQing (read: whining and crying) on the radio and on various blogs about the final play of the game. Various folk are alleging that there was both helmet-to-helmet contact AND grasping the facemask on the final play -- why, a penalty should have been called!

First, there was no helmet-to-helmet contact. And second, while there was incidental facemask graspage (You like that? Just add 'age' and you have a new word!), it was of the old 5-yard variety, NOT the 15-yard personal foul variety. Now, aren't you Packers fans glad that the league eliminated the old 5-yard penalty? Cost you the game, didn't it?

A sad note for you football fans out there. There are only 7 meaningful games left in the 2009 season. A moment of silence is called for. *silence*

Can we all finally agree that Kurt Warner belongs in the Hall of Fame when he retires? He has had about a half dozen of the most amazing playoff performances in league history, including the 3 highest passing totals in Super Bowl history.

Moving on to other subjects, you may have noticed that it was cold matter where you are. The colder it gets, the more the AGW crowd tries to shout down its opposition. If the weather patterns of the past two years continue in subsequent years, there won't be anyone BUT AGW Gaia worshipers clinging to their leftard beliefs. Oh, and our political class. Can't forget them. They'll never let go of AGW. They see it as a cash cow just waiting to be milked.

Oh, and it WAS cold, and has been all winter; the temperatures for the lower 48 states for December were the 14th coldest since 1895. Put that in your favorite AGW fanatic's pipe the next time they blather on about "warming".

Is it Friday yet?