Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blizzard of '10 - the sequel

Holy criminy! Will it ever end?!?!? The Blizzard of '10 took a break between Sunday and Tuesday afternoon, then returned with a vengeance. Frederick took another 18" of snow -- though who could tell how much we got, what with wind gusts up to 47 MPH creating monster drifts everywhere. That 18" puts us up over 4 feet in the month of February. Compare that with our normal annual snowfall of between 8" and 24". It's nuts. Absolutely nuts.

Snow plows were called off the job because officials figured out that it was futile to plow roads that will be re-covered in mere seconds due to the winds.

We may get out of the house sometime tomorrow...but we're not driving ANYWHERE prior to Friday. Right now everyone -- including snow plows -- has been told to stay off the roads.

Cabin fever? We got spades.

Summer can't come soon enough.