Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Scott Brown - once messiah, now turncoat?

Of all of the stupid nonsense! Scott Brown, once hailed as the golden boy, the new Team Elephant messiah, is now being lambasted as a Benedict Arnold on "conservative" web sites. His crime? Voting for Il Duce's "jobs" legislation.

"We campaigned for you. We donated to your campaign. And you turned on us like every other RINO," said one writer, using the initials for "Republican-In-Name-Only."

The conservative-tilting Drudge Report colored a photo of Brown on its home page in scarlet.
Get hysterical much, Elephants?

Brown, to his credit, went on the offensive.
The new senator responded by calling in to a Boston radio station.

"I've taken three votes," Brown said with exasperation. "And to say I've sold out any particular party or interest group, I think, is certainly unfair."

The senator said that by the time he seeks re-election in two years, he will have taken thousands of votes.

"So, I think it's a little premature to say that," he said.
Look, people. Let's get something straight. Winning Ted Kennedy's seat with a slick, carefully scripted "man of the people" campaign didn't make him the Team Elephant messiah. Brown's win seemed to be of greater importance because his win derailed much of Il Duce's Fascist agenda by eliminating the Donkeys' 60 vote "Go eff yourselves Elephants" super majority. Beyond that, it wasn't all that surprising. Hell, even the People's Republic of Maryland elected a "moderate" Republican in the past decade, and for the same reason that Brown won Massachusetts: because he ran against an "entitled" candidate who happened to be a moron.

Bob Ehrich won the Maryland Governor's race in 2002 because his opponent Kathleen Kennedy Townsend's sole qualification for public office was her maiden name. She lost -- against all odds in heavily liberal Maryland -- because she possessed the intellect of a house plant.

I'm sorry if I insulted any house plants with that comment.

Likewise, Scott Brown would have NEVER beaten a Donkey with any kind of charisma or ability to articulate an intelligent thought. He won because he ISN'T Martha Coakley. That and nothing more.

That Scott Brown would turn around and shaft the people who got him elected is no surprise, either. The problem with "conservatives" is that they haven't yet learned that the Elephants are not their friends. The Elephants are every bit as bought-and-paid-for as the Donkeys. They're simply a different side of the same coin. They care as little about you and your ideals as the Donkeys do.

You have to believe me when I say that only a third party or a hostile takeover of one of the two existing major parties will allow "conservative" and libertarian voices a place at the table in Washington.