Thursday, February 18, 2010

Toyota troubles continue

Toyota has had a rough time of late. On the heels of an accelerator pedal problem that actually caused Toyota to suspend production of 8 popular models, another recall was issued for its popular (among tree-huggers and Hollywood asshats) Prius model because of a braking problem.

Since bad news tends to set upon us in groups of three, Toyota got hit with yet another potential recall - this time on the Corolla.

A growing number of complaints over steering problems with Toyota Corolla vehicles has sparked a federal investigation, and may result in yet another Toyota recall. The troubled auto-maker has already recalled millions of vehicles in recent months over defective gas pedals, floor mats and problems with brakes.
It just keeps going from bad to worse, from worse to awful, from awful to "Oh s***!". I wouldn't wish what's happening to Toyota right now on anyone. Okay, maybe on Oracle, but no one else.

To summarize the situation:
  • Sudden acceleration problems
  • Braking problems
  • Steering problems
Top that off with xfloggingkylex's hypothesis that Toyota drivers are predominantly made up of the very worst drivers on the road, and you have the perfect storm.

All in favor of banning Toyotas from the roads for the foreseeable future, say "aye".

Quoth the Vulture: "AYE!"

Let them eat cake...or take mass transit...or something. Just stay off the roads. Please.