Monday, April 20, 2009

One part excellent logical rebuttal, two parts ROFLMAO beat down

The Tizona Group is one of my go-to destinations. Their blog is equal parts irreverence, spot-on analysis, and thoughtful commentary. However, this post is more. MUCH, MUCH, more. I'll tease it to you this way: never before has an argument against death taxes been so much fun.

I haven't laughed my ass off this much in quite some time. Ladies and gentlemen, I present: a rant by thefrolickingmole.

Warning: this is NOT for the faint-hearted nor those easily offended by profanity or references to necrophilia, scatology, or smegma.

My favorite line was this.

[T]he best part of you trickled down your mother's leg after the fleet left town.
OMGs. Now THAT'S funny, I don't care who you are.

Go Tizona! You rock!