Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Where have I seen that before?

Take a good look at the picture to your left. It is ostensibly a simple picture of King Obey-me and Venezuelan Dictator-for-Life Chavez shaking hands. Oh, but it is so very much more! Look closely. This is NOT the standard handshake between adult men as executed for the past several centuries in Western civilizations. No, this is a more casual handshake. It's something entirely different.

I wracked my brain for hours trying to figure out where I had seen this handshake before. Suddenly, it occurred to me. It was here.

Undercover Brother

Here is a still of the pertinent portion of the trailer that shows the handshake in question.

Okay, before I have people coming out of the woodwork accusing me of being a racist or a bigot, the preceding was all tongue-in-cheek. Don't get your panties in a ball. I'm just having some fun at President Obey-me's expense.