Saturday, April 18, 2009

Wiener of the Week

What a week this has been! Since I started poking a stick into the cage full of law-fetishists at Caput Penitus Culus, I've experienced a level of childish name calling, attempts to intimidate, and baseless accusations that would certainly intimidate a lesser bird. As such, we have a repeat winner for WotW.

In the past week, I've been accused by the CPC fetishists of:

  • Being pro-polygamy and pro-pedophilia
  • Being a misogynist
  • Being intollerant of non-Protestants
  • Being guilty of "muddled thinking"
  • Being menopausal
In addition, I've been called:
  • A computer geek
  • A lawyer wannabee
  • A computer geek who couldn't make it as a lawyer (AS IF! It's not rocket science!)
Additionally, my opinions have been summarily dismissed and my questions regarding bad case law (such as Dred Scott) ignored because:
  • I'm not from Texas
  • I'm not a lawyer
Oh, and let's not forget attempted intimidation! Old Caput thought I could be intimidated by showing my real name in one of his retorts! Hey Caput a palus! I don't intimidate! There's a reason I have my real name and real picture on my blog. It's because I'm not afraid to have my controversial opinions attributed to ME, a real person, a husband and father of two.

I almost forgot - I was accused of being uncivil. No merda! The whole point in me citing this asshat as WotW last week was in response to the incivility shown by the law-fetishists towards Toes. I fight fire with fire. Apparently, that hurt their feelings. Eff 'em if they can't take a joke! Besides, it's hard to take the accusation of incivility seriously when they're slinging insults while signed on as ANONYMOUS! Effing cowards!

In their eyes, I'm one of THEM. I'm FLDS. I'm pro-pedophia. I'm pro-polygamy. My consistent stance as a defender of Constitutional principles throughout the history of this blog is meaningless -- it's a beard to mask my FLDS connections. Could these people be any stupider?

So, Caput Penitus Culus and your fellow law-fetishists - you're the Wiener of the Week!