Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Normally I'm the last person to favor any expansion of civil law suit limitations. All law suits do is create more ambulance chasers like Caput Penitus Culus. Believe me, the LAST thing we need is more of HIM.

But in this case, I'm foursquare behind the plaintiffs and PRAYING that they are successful in their quest.

The Supreme Court will consider whether prosecutors have to face a lawsuit from two men whose convictions for killing a retired police officer were set aside.

The justices said Monday they'll hear an appeal in the fall from former Pottawattamie County, Iowa, prosecutors.

They are being sued by Curtis W. McGhee Jr., and Terry Harrington, who were convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison in 1978 for the death of retired police officer John Schweer.

The men were released from prison after 25 years. Evidence showed police and prosecutors had failed to share evidence that pointed to another man as a possible suspect in Schweer's slaying. Some witnesses also recanted their testimony.
Let me be clear: the prosecutors in this case deliberately hid exculpatory evidence that might have cleared the defendants. They prosecuted two innocent men. Why would prosecutors do such a thing? That's an easy question with a horrifying answer -because, to many career prosecutors, the WIN is more important than justice. Think I'm kidding? Remember 2007 Wiener of the Year Mike Nifong?

I hope these men win the right to sue those bastard prosecutors. In fact, I hope that the floodgates are opened wide and that oxygen parasite Nifong can be sued for every last cent he has to his name. I wouldn't shed any tears if "Judge" Barbara Walther were to be sued into the poor house as well.

Perhaps if there were PERSONAL consequences to prosecutorial and judicial malfeasance, there would be less of it.