Wednesday, January 9, 2008

49ers Fan Angst

Tuesday ESPN reported that the San Francisco 49ers have name Mike Martz as their new Offensive Coordinator.

When asked for a comment, the Vulture replied in an expletive-filled rant. The following has been sanitized, since this is a "family" blog.

Mike mother{bleeping}ing Martz?!?!?!?! Are you {bleeping}ing kidding me?!?!?!? {bleeeeeeeeeeeep}!!!!! Are the York's purposely trying to destroy the franchise, or are they just that {bleep}ing stupid?!?!?!

The Niners have one - ONE - offensive player who's worth a damn, and he's a RUNNING BACK! Mike mother{bleep}ing Martz is pass-first, pass-second, oh what the hell, let's pass again. Can you imagine the offensive ruin that will be when pitiful Alex Smith tries to run the Mike mother{bleep}ing Martz offense with that gawd-awful cast of wide receivers? Meanwhile, Frank Gore, a top-10 NFL running back, will be PASS BLOCKING for this cluster {bleep}.

The Niners have endured a team-record 5 losing seasons in a row. 2008 will make 6.

This was once the preeminent NFL franchise, the team against which all others were judged (and found wanting). Now it's a bumbling laughingstock, run by morons. Eddie D - WE NEED YOU!!!!!
No small animals or children were harmed in the course of this rant.