Tuesday, January 22, 2008

If you don't support Romney, you're a bigot

My brother, Mark, forwarded this article from the Pueblo Chieftain. It's a loo-loo.

Republicans say they want a fiscally responsible president - smaller government, limited taxes - they say they want a president with vast experience, they say they want a president who has demonstrated leadership and success, they say they want a president with strong family values, they say they want a president with deep-based faith, they say they want a president who can make change, they say they want a president with strong resolve.

Yet, they are making the only candidate who has all those qualities their second choice. Mitt Romney.
Wait, it gets better.
I think there possibly are two factors that might solve the Republican riddle of why Republicans are reluctant to embrace the man who, on paper and in action, seems to represent all their best interests. One is religious bigotry, and one is envy.

OMG, that's the funniest thing I've EVER read. EVER! It's funnier than 666's (excuse, me, Hillary Clinton's) "vast right wing conspiracy" rant.

Let me make this ABUNDANTLY clear. I absolutely HATE group politics. This "they won't vote for poor Mitt because he's a rich, successful Mormon" crap is no different and no less repugnant than the "they won't vote for him because he's a successful black man with a Muslim name" crap they're laying down for socialist Barak Obama.

Here's the truth. Mitt Romney is a RINO. He's a closet socialist. That's why I and many more like me won't be voting for him. That's it. Period. I don't care if a candidate worships Baal as long as they are a REAL fiscal and social conservative. There's only one of those in the campaign right now - Ron Paul, and no amount of group politics, grievance mongering, or boo-hooing is going to change that fact.