Sunday, January 13, 2008

Holla at a Brotha

Recently I've noticed quite a bit more traffic on the blog than in weeks past. It seems that some of my friends and family are starting to succumb to their curiosity. They want to know exactly what kind of infantile ranting goes on around here.

Sadly, the only ranting so far has been mine, DP's, and TJ's. I would very much like to encourage you to leave your comments. Tell me I'm full of it. Tell me I'm brilliant and/or awesome. Tell me off. Just tell me SOMETHING.

I've noticed that some people HAVE tried to use the comments - but somehow those comments aren't being posted. I suspect that there is a disconnect caused by the way the page is laid out by the Blogspot developers. I have to scroll down to see the options for my user id or nickname, for whether I want notification of response via email for my comments, and to click "Post". I suspect that some of you are missing this half of the page and your brilliant (or insipid) comments are being lost. So....not to treat you like idiots, but here's the "hold your hand" tutorial of how to post replies to my nonsense.

1) Click the "Comments" link.

This is one of the goofy things about Blogspot. Instead of a link that says "Click this to post/reply" it says "0 Comments". So, click that dopey thing to insert your comments.

2) The Comments Popup - Part I

This, to me, is the problem. Why isn't there the ability to bring up this popup sized properly, or at least make it resizable? I believe this is where some of your comments are getting lost.

Once you're here, enter your enthusiastic commentary. Verbiage such as that in the sample to the right is recommended.

Now scroll down to the part where it says "Choose an identity", and we'll continue with Part II.

3) The Comments Popup - Part II

If you have a Google account of any kind (gmail, etc.), sign in as that id.

Otherwise, click the little radio button above "Nickname:", then type in a nickname that you will uniquely identify you within this blog (for example, DP chose the nickname "Roadkill" in keeping with the Vulture theme. Do you see why I love her so much?).

Optionally, you can click the box next to "Email follow-up comments..." to receive notice when someone (probably me, but perhaps some other brilliant person from the WWW) responds to what you have written.

Now, the most important thing. Click "PUBLISH YOUR COMMENT".

Failure to do the two mandatory steps (identify yourself and click the "publish" button) is going to cause your brilliant comments to be lost forever.

I love that more and more people stop here to check it out. But I really want to hear from you.