Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The (fraudulent) State of the Union

What do you call it when a traitorous scoundrel speaks for 45 minutes before a mixed bag of communists, criminals, con men, and connivers? Why, it's the State of the Union speech, of course.

In what was his (thankfully!) final SOTU, Bush surprised me. He didn't promise the sun and the moon and the stars. In fact, in reviewing the transcript (you didn't think I'd actually stay up and WATCH that mess, did you?), I noticed a decided lack of the usual Bush bravado, tough talk, promises to fix everything in the world, etc.

He did hump the "success" of No Smart Child Left Unhindered, but that's to be expected; he views it as his one policy "success". Please...no more "successes" like THAT one. What a POS!

And, of course, he and his Congressional cronies are going to send checks to all of the "taxpayers" (a word that must be qualified, given that many of those receiving the government checks in the next several weeks will have paid ZERO federal tax) to "stimulate" the economy. Where are they getting the money for all of these "rebates", given our monumental deficits? Why, they're getting it from the printing press, of course; they're going to fight stagflation by printing more money! Genius! And they wonder why those of us with half a brain hold them in such contempt...

All in all, Mr. Bush did fine in is last SOTU. I'm just glad it's his last, not that it matters; whoever takes over next year is going to be just as bad (Romney) or worse (McCain, Obama, Clinton, Huckabee, Guiliani).