Saturday, January 26, 2008

Glenn Beck Stuns

Occasionally I catch a few minutes of Glenn Beck's show. He is a remarkable individual. He seems to understand (a lot more than some - Rush Limbaugh, for example) that the presence of an 'R' after a politician's name does NOT indicate that said politician will do what is right by the American people or the Constitution.

That stated, and he'd probably deny this, all indications are that he's firmly in the Romney camp. That's what makes what follows so surprising, amazing, and noteworthy.

What follows is an excerpt from Glenn's interview with Ron Paul on his radio program earlier this week (Wednesday, I think). I've taken the liberty of highlighting the part that stunned and pleased me.

GLENN: I'm probably the guy on talk radio, mainstream talk radio that will at least say I agree with you on a lot of things. I just disagree with you vehemently on others.

PAUL: And I appreciate that.

GLENN: I mean, you know, we just -- I just happen to disagree with you, but I respect you, sir, for your opinion. I have said this, you know, behind your back. So let me say it to your face. I think you are the closest we have running to a founding father. You seem to be the only guy who has actually read the federalist papers. So I appreciate your efforts, sir.
Wow! No, actually - WOW!!!!!!

Glenn, if you actually believe what you said, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE throw your support behind Ron Paul, at least through the primary season. Let people know that what Paul stands for MATTERS. You'll be doing this nation a huge favor and you'll be building for a future where a candidate like Paul may ACTUALLY be given a fair consideration (okay, I can dream, can't I?).