Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Congratulations to Team Elephant!

Uh.....Vulture? Why are you congratulating Team Elephant? They got their collective asses kicked last night. Why, yes they did! There's no wound as painful as a self-inflicted wound -- that is, unless there's a chorus of 'I told you so!' salt to be rubbed into it. And I'm rubbing.

You sold us the Contract with America. Then within 10 years you were worse drunken sailor spend-a-holics than the Team Donkey congresses had ever been!

You sold us King George the Dim as a 'compassionate conservative'. He turned out to be a stateist thug with a Jones to avenge daddy in Iraq.

You rammed the completely unpalatable John McCommie down our throats this election cycle, believing that the threat of a neo-Communist like Barack Obama or a strident Marxist true-believer like old Slewfoot Hillary Rodham Satan Clinton would be enough to scare the credulous into continuing to vote Team Elephant.

You have molded the party into a sort of Team Donkey Lite in an attempt to....what? Gain acceptance from your friends on the Upper East Side? Garner the approval of the New York Times? Deny power to the unwashed Bible-believers who vote for your team but embarrass you to no end?

You elitist snob bastards! We're now doomed to at least 2 years of the closest thing to one-party rule that has existed in this country since Roosevelt. You did this. You need to own this. Americans need to have a party that stands in REAL opposition to Team Donkey's now-unopposed march towards One-World Socialist Dystopia. We don't have that now. And we don't have that now because of YOU.

You want to regain power? (What a stupid question! Of COURSE you want to regain power! That's all you're about, really, in the end.) You need to get back to the Ronald Reagan/Barry Goldwater roots. Better yet, you need to start listening to Ron Paul and other defenders of the Constitution and start to make those principles part of your permanent platform. You need to offer a distinguishable difference between yourself and Team Donkey. Team Donkey Lite isn't a viable option. It's a recipe for party suicide.

But,'s your funeral. At least you'll go down knowing that your friends on the Upper East Side approve of you.....

Coming later today...What kind of president will Barack Obama be?