Sunday, November 22, 2009

I don't know about you, but I find it offensive in the extreme when Congress tries to hide their mendacity by convening during the weekend when citizen awareness of news events is at its lowest. Such an example occurred yesterday, as a procedural vote on health care reform nationalization went down in the Senate on a Saturday night.

So this is going to be another WotW for Congress, right? Wrong. There was actually a more deserving candidate.

This article, with an AP byline, was the first thing I saw this morning when I opened my newspaper. Gee, I wonder where the "reporter" stands on the issue of health care reform nationalization.

Invoking the memory of Edward M. Kennedy, Democrats united Saturday night to push historic health care legislation past a key Senate hurdle over the opposition of Republicans eager to inflict a punishing defeat on President Barack Obama. There was not a vote to spare.

The 60-39 vote cleared the way for a bruising, full-scale debate beginning after Thanksgiving on the legislation, which is designed to extend coverage to roughly 31 million who lack it, crack down on insurance company practices that deny or dilute benefits and curtail the growth of spending on medical care nationally.
Who wrote this? The AP, or the DNC?

No mention of the potential (and probable) negatives this steaming pile of legislation portends. Just a highly enthusiastic example of media cheerleading, complete with DNC talking points.

Fabulous. Just fabulous.

AP - you're the Wiener of the Week.