Monday, November 16, 2009

Idiots on the radio

I got out of the house extremely early this morning, so instead of being treated to Czaban's show, I had to listen to nearly an hour of that retard JT the Brick. I apologize to retards if you're offended by being compared to Mr. "the Brick".

Let's set the stage. Last night Bill Belichick took the road less traveled by attempting to go for a first down on 4th and 2 from his own 28. The try was unsuccessful, meaning that the Colts had 1st and 10 at the Patriot 29 yard line with 3 timeouts in their pocket and Peyton Manning at the wheel. The Colts, naturally, drove the short field and scored while doing their darndest to leave as little time on the clock as possible for Tom Brady to pull a miracle comeback.

The Patriots lost. Hey, it happens. Did Belichick make the right move? Absolutely!

Peyton Manning was DESTROYING the Patriot defense in the 4th quarter. Belichick essentially told his offense that the game was theirs to win. Gain 2 yards (they had almost 500 yards of total offense for the game), keep Peyton Manning on the bench, and win the game. The fact that the Colts stuffed the attempt does NOT mean that it was the wrong tactic. To say otherwise is to engage in the worst sort of Monday Morning Quarterbacking.

Back to Mr. "the Brick". This assclown went on ad infinitum, blasting Belichick for his move. The more he ranted on, the more I became convinced that Mr. "the Brick" is a moron and knows nothing at all about football. The fact that he is a Raiders fan is even further proof that he knows nothing at all about football.

Okay, so Mr. "the Brick" and I disagree. What do other football-savvy radio hosts and bloggers have to say on the subject?

An internet superintelligence agrees with me. Tuesday Morning Quarterback agrees with me. John Fricke, filling in for Czaban this morning, agrees with me. I'm sure Czaban agrees with me (he was returning from a road trip to Green Bay where he watched the Packers commit grievous acts of personal assault on the hapless Cowboys, hence his absense from the airwaves this morning).

Mr. "the Brick", you need to think before you speak...that is, if you're able to do so. Belichick was right, you are oh so very wrong. Period.