Wednesday, November 11, 2009

On Hypocricy

Apparently, only people with actual religious views and non-Liberal beliefs can be hypocrites. Let me explain.

I've been sitting here watching HLN (CNN Headline News) owing to the fact that (a) there's nothing else of interest on TV right now, (b) the changer is on the other end of the couch, and (c) I'm too lazy to reach for it.

I was watching the news, but the news morphed into Showbiz Tonight, a gawd-awful celebration of celebrities, their affairs, their drug problems, their journeys out of the closet, etc. And yes, I said celebration. Okay, maybe they don't CELEBRATE the drug problems, but they're sure happy to celebrate a celebrity's 18th "successful" completion of rehab.

Today, however, the subject is hypocrisy. Specifically, the hypocrisy of Carrie Prejean. Ms. Prejean is accused of hypocrisy because she pretends to a position as a Young Conservative Woman Role Model, but it turns out she made a sex tape. A sex tape! Oh, dear!

Understand, I have little use for Ms. Prejean. I'm not at all impressed with her as self-appointed voice for young conservative women. She talks a good game, but she has so many skeletons in her closet that she's useless as a role model.

Nonetheless, the over-the-top slamfest by HLN is grating. In extreme.

Returning to the premise of this post, that only people with actual religious views and non-Liberal beliefs can be hypocrites, I feel like my head is going to explode as I watch this. You want hypocrisy? Let's start with:

  • NOW supporting Bill Clinton throughout his impeachment for having relations with a subordinate, but demanding action against David Letterman for essentially the same offense.
  • The outcry over Larry Craig trolling for gay sex; contrast it with the muted reaction to Barney Frank's live-in lover hosting a gay brothel and dealing drugs in Mr. Frank's own residence.
  • The media running wall-to-wall stories on Governor Mark Sanford's shameful affair while barely mentioning PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE and Breck Girl John Edwards fathering a child with a mistress while his wife was fighting cancer!
  • Lastly, in their rush to see 1/6 of the US economy subsumed into the ravenous maw of the federal government, no one (except Camille Paglia) is decrying the fact that Congress is exempting itself from the draconian nightmare of collectivism being forced down the throats of the American people.
One could go on and on (and you know the Vulture LOVES to go on and on). But why? None dare call it hypocrisy when it benefits the coming One World Socialist Utopia or those who are working towards it. Apparently everyone is a hypocrite EXCEPT Big Media (the BM for short) and true-believer collectivists.

The irony of THAT hypocrisy is completely lost on hypocrites inclined to sling the "hypocrite" label at others.