Monday, November 16, 2009

Vulture Droppings - the question is when...

Vulture Droppings is a semi-regular feature of this blog. It's a kind of "Random Thoughts" post in which I try to quickly summarize a particularly large event or series of events. Think of it being sort of like what a vulture leaves behind after devouring a horse. You don't get the whole horse, just highly processed leftovers.

It's been a LOOOONG time since I did a Vulture Droppings. There just hasn't really been anything going on that would merit that kind of in-depth breakdown.

I'm doing something different with this edition of VD. I'm going to address things I'm sick of. Yeah, I know. Not exactly the kind of weighty, issue-oriented post you've come to expect from Droppings. But it's my blog, and my rules. So read it and like it!.

WHEN is that sub-90 IQ loser Levi Johnson's 15 minutes of fame up? I know it's chic to put that knuckle-dragging monosyllabic douche bag on TV 24/7 because he gins up more anti-Sarah Palin sentiment, but COME ON! There ARE limits! If this guy weren't such a gold mine of anti-Palin material, there's NO WAY anyone would even know his name, let alone be subjected to his Neanderthal-like puss on virtually every talk show known to man. Enough already! Find a new flavor-of-the-day, please!

WHEN is Big Media (the BM for short) going to stop the Kabuki Dance and admit that the Ft. Hood massacre was perpetrated by a Muslim acting in accordance with the precepts of his religious beliefs, NOT a common soldier who "snapped" under the strain of being exposed to the stresses of other service men and women? People who "snap" don't go around yelling Allahu Akbar! as they mow down innocents.

WHEN are NFL analysts going to stop with the Brett Fav-re worship? OMG, it's SOOOOOO old! Seriously, there ARE other players making contributions to the Vikings' success this year. Yeah, even besides Adrian Peterson. So...enough, please!

WHEN is the American public going to demand an end to the ridiculous "War on Drugs"? It's a complete waste of money, police resources, prison resources, and human lives.

In the case of marijuana, we're talking about a product with proven medical use (Federal "studies" to the contrary are heavily flawed - perhaps even falsified). We're talking about a product that is infinitely safer than, less addictive than, and less likely to lead to criminal behavior than alcohol, yet alcohol is legal and universally available, while marijuana possession is still a felony in excess of 1 oz.

It's the stupidest policy enacted by a government known for stupid policies. It's time for a change. Make it legal, tax the crap out of it, and empty the prisons of everyone prosecuted for any marijuana offense.

Last one. WHEN is the NBA going to come clean and admit that they're every bit as rigged as the WWE?

I'm just saying...