Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A sign of the apocalypse?

The end of the world is closer than we had ever imagined. Isn't this one of the signs of the apocalypse?

It's official. Fox News' Major Garrett will interview Pres. Obama at 9:20pmET tonight. He tweets:

I will interview POTUS on camera Wed am here in Beijing. 4 other networks will too. 10 mins per. Many had asked. Can say now.
Hide the women and children! Il Duce on Fox News is analogous to the lion lying down with the lamb. It's just unnatural!

Maybe Duce is feeling magnanimous because he's in his element; China, with it's repressive system of government, is right up his alley.

In any regard, I'll be sure to miss this transparently phony attempt by the Dear Leader to present himself as open to being interviewed by the someone outside of the lapdog media. I'm sure Garrett has been instructed to be on his best behavior by his Fox handlers. They want to make sure this thaw in relations with Il Duce has legs; the Neocon network needs the perception of mainstream legitimacy every bit as much as the fawning socialist media, after all.