Monday, November 23, 2009

Week 11 - The Truth Hurts

It was painfully apparent at the end of the first half that the 49ers just aren't the team I thought they were. They were behind 23-3 and, truthfully, it wasn't even really that close. Oh, sure, Coach Singletary turned the offense loose in the second half to make the final score a respectable 30-24, but, again, it wasn't really that close.

As I said, Coach S. turned the offense loose in the second half. WHY he insists on waiting until the Niners are 20 points behind before he takes the shackles off the offense is the mystery here.

Coach S. lost a whole lot of his luster yesterday. A crap play call on 3rd and inches leaves 4th and a yard, deep in Packers territory. And he kicks the field goal!!!!! A mincy, fraidy field goal!!!!! To plagiarize TMQ, "I wrote in my notebook, 'Game Over'."

For a man who was a fearless player, Mike Singletary is a big mincing sissy as a head coach...or at least he was yesterday. He's also W-A-A-A-Y too stubborn; it's apparent to anyone who's watched the 49ers with Alex Smith under center that he (Alex Smith) stinks on ice out of a standard pro set, but is something special working out of a spread formation.'s an idea......WHY NOT PLAY TO HIS STRENGTHS?!?!?!?!?

This team is NOT going to the playoffs. Not unless the Cardinals' team plane crashes before Week 12.

It wasn't all bad. The legend of Vernon Davis grows - he's having a MONSTER year. If he doesn't go to the Pro Bowl, they shouldn't even hold it this year. Michael Crabtree scored his first NFL touchdown yesterday (cue Homer Simpson, "Hey, how 'bout that?" [/sarcasm]). And after an abysmal first half, Alex Smith was dynamite in the second, throwing for 3 touchdowns and over 220 yards.

But the defense flat-out stunk. The unit that carried the team early on has regressed to the same sorry defense the team played under Drunky Erickson. Sad. Just sad.

So the Niners are going to be mediocre for a 7th straight year. *sigh*

Is it too early to start chanting, "Wait 'til next year!"?