Friday, January 16, 2009

Cold enough for ya?

9 degrees. -3 degrees wind chill.

These aren't normal temperatures for Frederick. It's usually more in the range of 30-40 degrees for the high (today's high is supposed to be 17) and 20-32 degrees for the low. But the Arctic Blast that hit the Midwest last week has arrived here. We're going to have a chilly weekend.

Yeah, I know what you're thinking if you live in Utah, Idaho, Wisconsin, Montana, Minnesota, anywhere in Canada, or any other cold place I failed to mention. What a poofter, griping about 9 degrees! You have to understand that all weather is relative. My 9 degrees, adjusted to the spectrum of "normal", is your -25 degrees. And I'm no poofter! I left the gym last night still wearing my workout clothes (light Under Armour style shirt, shorts) and a coat. One of the personal trainers acted like I was going to my death! "You run to your car!", she said. I walked. It's not THAT cold.

So why even bring up the weather, then? Because we're in the midst of the second consecutive Winter with below normal temperatures. And things seem to be trending towards continuing colder weather for the foreseeable future. Even CNN ran a story (on Lou Dobbs Tonight) asking the question, "Are we entering a new Ice Age?" There is ample scientific evidence to support that hypothesis.

This weekend I'll post Part I of my anti-AGW blitzkrieg - Follow the Money. Big Warming isn't about temperatures. It isn't about 'saving the planet'. It's about money and power.