Thursday, January 8, 2009

Curse you, Vista!!!!!

My laptop was running like crap, so I did what any normal, right-thinking Windows user would do: I rebooted. What happened next is the subject of this post.

After I logged in I noticed that my screen was different and none of my 'front loaded' applications had started. After investigation, I discovered that Vista hadn't come up using my profile - it had created a 'Temp' profile and associated it with my user name.

My first attempt to fix it was a seemingly commonsensical one: reset the files in 'C:/users/[myid]' to what they had been before the reboot. No dice; this didn't fix it. So I went to Plan B: Google the condition to see if anyone else had encountered this anomaly. Anyone? Hardly! There were literally hundreds of threads, posts, plaintive cries for help, etc. devoted to this very issue!

Hey Microsoft, you A-holes! Why don't you fix the frigging bug that causes this to happen and get a patch out to your customers instead of spending millions on advertising aimed at negating the negativity generated as a result of the user community's experiences with Vista?

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