Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Exhibit A

As if you needed any further proof that the entire country is convinced that it is entitled to everything, here is yet another proof.

Imagine you need an MRI exam, but you can't get one because you're too big for the machine.

Carolyn Ragan has been through a lot since a tumor was found on her spine, including surgeries and paralysis. But she says nothing was as humiliating as a trip to the hospital to get an MRI two years ago.

She was told that at 5 feet and 275 pounds, none of the MRI machines would hold her. Carolyn says an assistant began searching for one elsewhere that would.

"So he suggested the Kansas City Zoo. I thought, I know I'm big but I'm not as big as an elephant," she said. "And my husband got mad."
So here's the deal. We have a woman who, at 5' tall and 275 pounds, is just a few pounds shy of being square. She can't fit in the equipment. So...what's my problem? Continue reading.
"They should have machines that fit most everybody," Carolyn said.
Ah, yes. No matter that MRI machines aren't exactly cheap. The hospital should have one "that fit[s] most everybody" because this hippo says so.

Where's the personal responsibility here? It's not her fault that she can't fit! The hospital is the bad guy because they won't spend the hundreds of thousands of dollars for a specialized machine for the incomprehensibly obese.

I have an idea! How about you lose 150 pounds? Besides allowing you to fit into the damn machine, it'll probably save you from dying at age 50 from heart failure.