Saturday, January 3, 2009

Wiener of the Year 2008

It's here! The moment you've all been waiting for -- that is, if you don't have a life.

The Wiener of the Year is the highest dishonor that can be bestowed on a person or group of people by this Vulture. A WotY is someone who has surpassed all other scoundrels and asshats during the past year. It takes a LOT of effrontery against mankind to get a WotY, trust me.

Last year's Wiener was Mike Nifong, the asshat prosecutor of the Duke lacrosse rape fiasco. His prosecutorial malfeasance was stunning in its self-delusion, not to mention the damage done to the lives of the young men railroaded by Nifong. He was head-and-shoulders beneath all other contenders.

First, I'd like to introduce the runners-up.

  • King George the Dim. This is twice that this future Wiener Hall of Fame legend has been a runner up. He received consideration based on his bailout of the auto industry against the wishes of the American people after the bailout bill was quashed by the Senate. King George proved yet again that he doesn't give a rodent's hindquarters what the Constitution says nor what the will of the American people is.
  • John McCommie. This is the guy who ran Bob Dole's 1996 campaign all over again and had the audacity (through his surrogates) to throw Sarah Palin under the bus as the scapegoat for his loss to the Media's Lord and Savior, Barack Obama. McCommie was every bit as loathsome and unpalatable a candidate as I thought he would be. And he proved to be every bit the core belief-lacking toad I always knew him to be.
  • Governor Rod Blagojevich. Holy graft and corruption, Batman! Most years this guy would be the hands-down Wiener. He is the quintessence of every stereotype of a corrupt Chicago politician. That he continues as governor and refuses to step aside even in the issue of naming BO's replacement in the Senate demonstrates the utter shamelessness of this clown.
  • Congress. Where to begin? This country club for the politically connected voted for bailout money for their rich friends when the banks and investment houses all cratered. They steadfastly refuse to acknowledge the need for energy independence, placing all of their faith in yet-to-be-developed "new technologies". They have bought in hook, line, and sinker to the Religion of Man-Made Global Warming. They continue to try to regulate every aspect of our lives. And, as the frosting on the cake, they accepted a self-awarded pay increase at the end of a year in which the economy is struggling and many Americans are unemployed or have lost their homes.
  • Texas CPS, in conjunction with Texas Stoßtruppen. I can't do the whole FLDS fiasco justice here. Details are spread throughout this blog, but the best source for information on this story is Sore Toes and a Bleeding Heart. This is one of the worst examples of Nanny State tyranny that I've seen in my lifetime. The founders were rolling in their graves as this disaster was unfolding.
  • Big Media (the BM for short). It was S-O-O-O-O tempting to make the BM this year's Wiener. The BM's behavior throughout the election in pimping for their Lord and Savior Barack Obama was beyond contemptible. Their behavior of late in inflaming Depression fears in the public is nearly as contemptible. They are, collectively, as pompous, imperious, and out-of-touch a group of people as anyone on this planet outside of Congress.
  • The Team Elephant elitist establishment. These asshats mismanaged, misread, and bungled every opportunity to reach the American people. Worse yet, their hitwomen in the so-called conservative commentariat wrote one hatchet job after another targeting Sarah Palin, the one bright spot in the entire gawd-awful election process. Team Elephant is in danger of going the way of the Whigs and the Federalists, but they're absolutely convinced that they need to be Team Donkey Lite if they want to win elections. Bye-bye, Elephants!
But those are just the runners-up. The Wiener by far surpassed each and every one of these individuals or groups. Drum roll, please! 2008's Wiener of the Year is Judge Barbara Walther.

Judge Walther is every freedom loving person's worst nightmare. She personally drove the entire FLDS debacle from her lofty position as a Texas District Judge. She was in up to her eyeballs, from the first warrants all the way until the final slapdown by the Texas Supreme Court and beyond. This reprehensible Nanny State-worshiping shrew determined in that empty head of hers that Crimes had been committed! in the FLDS compound and that she would ride in with her Stoßtruppen and save the day. Then, after the Texas Supreme Court ruled that the stolen children must be returned to their parents, she undertook a scheme to undermine the Court's ruling! The Court had to rebuke her directly to get her to finally comply with their order.

Barbara Walther is the poster child for Judicial Activism. She embodies the "I know best" ideology of the activist judge, who seeks to rule as a sort of benevolent dictator over people who had no say in their appointment to the high and lofty position they hold. She needs to be impeached. Now.

Barbara Walther, you despicable freedom-loathing shrew -- you're the Wiener of the Year for 2008!