Sunday, January 11, 2009

Death Knell for Anthropogenic Warming Alarmism?

Regular readers of this blog know that I'm an unbeliever. I do not believe in the Official State Religion. I do not believe in Anthropogenic Global Warming. In fact, I'm more than a denier; I'm in the camp that believes that the planet is, in fact, getting colder.

Some of you may have wondered when you read my Wiener of the Year post why there was no reference to Big Enviro or Big Warming. I mean, Big Media (the BM for short) got major mention. John McCommie got his. King George the Dim got his. Team Elephant got theirs. could the Vulture have failed to mention either of the 'Bigs' whose Official State Religion he disparages?

It was entirely intentional. Starting today, and running about once a week, I'm going to be writing a series of posts in which I present the case that 2009 will be the year that Anthropogenic Global Warming is finally and decisively debunked.

Some might say that I'm a dreamer, that it can't happen, not in the face of all of the pro-State Religion propaganda being crammed down our throats. But poll after poll shows that more and more Americans and Brits are beginning to doubt the veracity of the Big Warming claims. It turns out that people with common sense can see for themselves that the overblown claims and predictions of Big Warming just don't match with reality.

So the Death Knell series begins. I hope that in presenting this series I can convince any fence-sitters out there who stumble upon these posts. And, while I'm aware that I'll never shake loose the Official State Religion True Believers, maybe I can at least have some schadenfreude at the thought of their heads exploding as I gore (pun intended) their sacred cow.