Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fortress DC

Preparations for the Coronation of King Obama of DoublePlusGoodHopeChange (the Savior of the BM) have been heavy on security. Okay, that's a major understatement. They're effectively shutting down the city in phases starting Monday, with some restrictions not lifting until Wednesday. Unless you're some kind of dignitary or a glutton for Schutzstaffel abuse, you don't want to be anywhere NEAR this MCF. I'm not even going to try to get to work on Inauguration Day, and I work 15 miles from downtown on the other side of the river.

The official list of bridge, highway, and street closures is pretty daunting. To see it represented graphically, click on the picture to the left or click here.

Our forefathers would be appalled. The very idea that the ceremony to inaugurate a a new President would be accompanied by a walled-off city full of Schutzstaffel goons! This is NOT the way a freedom-loving nation behaves. This is the way third-world tyrants behave.

Oh, sure, you'll hear about the extra security being necessary because of the terrorism threat or because they're afraid that some racist scumbag will try to kill the new President. That's a smokescreen. They are afraid of those things, to be sure. But they're just as afraid of ordinary Americans, none of whom they want to have show up to spoil their pretentious mockery of the principles on which this nation was founded. So ordinary Americans can attend the outdoor events on the Mall. They can even walk the streets, within limits. They just can't be allowed anywhere near the Ruling Class. THAT's the real reason for the impregnable fortress.