Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I know! Raise taxes!

The one-note wonders who work in the Logic-Free Zone known as the District of Columbia are at it again. First, let me set the stage.

When the price of gasoline was pushing up over $4 a gallon, the nanny nags in Washington hectored us to drive less. You see, it's easier to tell people to drive less than it is to address the actual issue of energy independence against the backdrop of trying to please Big Enviro.

But now, now that people ARE driving less and the price of gasoline is down to the lowest it's been in years? It could only mean one thing to the one-note chorus.

Motorists are driving less and buying less gasoline, which means fuel taxes aren't raising enough money to keep pace with the cost of road, bridge and transit programs.

That has the federal commission that oversees financing for transportation talking about increasing the federal fuel tax.
That's right. No matter the issue. No matter the problem. No matter the economic climate. There's nothing in Heaven or on Earth that can't be fixed by a tax increase.

Just shoot me.