Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ron Paul, Superstar

Every time I think that Ron Paul couldn't possibly do anything more to endear himself to me, he does something more. Earlier this week, Rep. Paul appeared on the Glenn Beck radio program, and, since I was running late and traffic was abysmal, I actually got to hear it live. Here is an excerpt.

GLENN: You don't have to tell me who it is, but do you know who you're going to vote for for President yet?

CONGRESSMAN PAUL: Not exactly, you know, because we don't even know who will get on the ballots. I've actually?--?

GLENN: Could you see yourself?--?

CONGRESSMAN PAUL: I couldn't vote for McCain.

GLENN: You can't vote for McCain?

CONGRESSMAN PAUL: No, I can't vote for him. I've said that publicly. That, of course, gets me in trouble with my Republican friends. No, he doesn't stand for essentially anything that I believe in. So I wouldn't be able to do that.
Imagine that! He can't vote for his party's candidate for President because "he doesn't stand for...anything that I believe in". I'd like you to contrast that with Harry Reid's parrot, Senator Ben Cardin of Maryland, who must have Senator Palpatine's hand up his ass, given the way he recites almost verbatim the Team Donkey talking points of his master.

Couple that with this speech given on the House floor July 9th (not a comfortable read, but a necessary message), and you can see why I have so ardently supported Dr. Paul throughout his run to the presidency. I just wish more Americans understood the principles that Dr. Paul espouses. If they did, then only a beneficiary of the status quo or the truly evil could possibly vote against him.

Ron Paul is a true man of principle. He has core beliefs and he is true to them. He is the anti-Clinton, the anti-Bush, the anti-Obama, the anti-McCommie. This country needs leaders like him.

Unrelated, but important (to me). I'd like for you all to keep in your prayers two regulars to this blog who are ailing.

yodaddy had knee replacement surgery and is recuperating from the surgery and post-surgical complications.

dw broke his leg riding his quad out in the AZ. He's all kinds of messed up.

My prayers are with you, guys. Get well soon.