Tuesday, March 4, 2008

(Mini) Super Tuesday

Another day, another primary. Can you feel the excitement in the air? Me either.

I suppose I DO have a rooting interest in today's primaries. I'm rooting for The Beast to soundly defeat Obama in both Texas and Ohio. Oh, it's not like I'm a fan or anything (read this blog for 15 seconds and you'll figure that out). It's just that the prospect of a Democrat convention in which the candidates are in a flat-footed tie in their "real" delegate counts, meaning that the choice will come down to super delegates, is WAY too juicy a proposition not to root for it.

Can you imagine? The chickens will have officially come home to roost. The group politics used by the Democrats to divide Americans (and further their power base) will turn on them as the groups fight for "their" candidate and incite civil war within the party. Imagine, if you will. In this corner, the Gender Issues group. In the other corner, the Race issues group. Let the games begin! The shadenfruede possibilities are endless!