Sunday, March 9, 2008

Wiener of the Week

This week's honoree is none other than Barack {don't say his middle name or you're a racist} Obama. And what a week it's been for him! He went from mopping the floor with the Hildebeast and being the media's darling to losing two large states to the The Dark Queen and finding himself increasingly scrutinized by a media embarrassed by having the likes of Saturday Night Live mock them for their swooning man-crush coverage of his run.

His campaign is starting to be plagued by gaffes. There was the unfortunate (but accurate) characterization of Her Royal Evilness as "a monster" by a campaign staffer. Then the campaign had the audacity to whine that the 666 campaign is being "held to a different standard" (read: lesser standard) than theirs. Puh-lease! The way the media has fawned over B{}O!

Oh sure, you say, he's back: he won Wyoming yesterday. Oooooh! You mean Wyoming and its, what, 2 delegates? Correction: Obama won 7 delegates Saturday. But since it's not a winner-take-all state, the Chupacabras also took 5 delegates. Whoopty do!

For his dramatic fall from grace, Barack {don't say his middle name or you're a racist} Obama is my Wiener of the Week.