Sunday, March 30, 2008

Wiener of the Week

This week the Wiener of the Week is Her Royal Evilness, HRC, for letting her big mouth destroy all of the momentum she had been handed by Barack {don't say his middle name or you're a racist} Obama.

This particular scenario has resulted in the WotW before: candidate gets a break -- something one of the other candidates has done has opened the door for them to emerge with huge momentum. And's gone. They've flushed the momentum.

First it was Mike Huckabee flushing the good fortune of Mitt Romney unsuccessfully dealing with his "Mormon" problem, only to turn around and blow it by snidely and disingenuously dissing the Mormons by saying that "he had heard" that they believe that Satan is Jesus' brother.

Now it's the Hildebeast. Good Grief, Hil! All you had to do was shut the eff up and let the media digest Barack {} Obama and his messy relationship with his "spiritual mentor", and the nomination was yours. Yours!

But N-O-O-O-O! You had to be the big shot. You had to be SOOOO heroic! What a tool!

For demonstrating once again that the Clinton's would rather lie than tell the truth, even when it is to their benefit to tell the truth, 666 is the Wiener of the Week.