Monday, March 3, 2008

New and Improved

I'm pleased to present the new-and-improved "The Vulture Lurks" - now with 1/3 less greenhouse gas emissions (but, unfortunately, 1/3 MORE methane gas emissions - I KNEW I shouldn't have had that second helping of chili!).

No, seriously, today TVL unveils a new look-and-feel. All of the Internet Explorer issues are resolved. A new "Suggestion Box", customized for the site, has been unveiled. And coming shortly, the sister blog of TVL, "The Vulture Kettle", will be introduced (it's still in "beta" right now if you want to try it out).

I'm very pleased with the reception the blog has received from those who regularly visit. I'd like to encourage those of you who have not visited as yet, or who have only visited for the special Kelley's birthday edition (you know who you are!) to give the site a chance. It's not just right wing rants, after all! Why, I've made it a habit of lampooning Team Donkey, Team Elephant, politicians of all stripes, Darwin Award candidates and other asshats, people who forward Internet hoaxes, the NE Patriots and the NFL, and Abraham Lincoln.

This is NOT strictly a conservative site; it's a Libertarian site. That means that I come down mostly on the conservative side, but also with great frequency on what some would deem the liberal side (but what libertarians would call the "freedom" side).

So read on, with an open mind (not TOO open; I don't want your brain to fall out!), and enjoy.