Sunday, March 2, 2008

Wiener of the Month

It's time to name February's Wiener of the Month award winner. And who could be more deserving than the New York Times? The Old Gray Lady's cheap shot at John McCommie -- while delightfully amusing to the Vulture, considering the way that McCommie has pretty much treated the Times as his lone constituency for the past 10 years -- marks the low ebb in the continued decline of the Times from The Paper of Record to Pravda of New York.

The McCommie story was little more than rumor, innuendo, and 20-year-old Abscam allegations. This is the kind of stuff that the National Enquirer prints, for crying out loud! The Times deserves all of the derision and criticism it has been subjected to and will continue to be subjected to for this and other similar non-stories (Martha Burk, anyone?).

For becoming little more than a propaganda organ for the Left, the New York Times is my Wiener of the Month.