Friday, March 7, 2008

Team Donkey Civil War!

It just doesn't get any better than this.

First, The Beast came back from the dead to win three primaries this week (okay, MAYBE three - Texas is STILL trying to figure out just what happened in their caucus). She's like Rasputin. You just can't kill her. I told someone two weeks ago when it appeared that 666 was cooked that I wouldn't believe it until I personally witnessed the stake driven into that wrinkled hunk of leather she calls a heart.

So, as a result of the Queen of the Undead's newfound momentum, there is a genuine horse race for the candidacy. There is also no conceivable way that either of the two candidates can clinch the nomination without Super delegates.

Second, there's the controversy about what to do with Florida and Michigan. As you may recall, those states thumbed their noses at the DNC and held their primaries early. The DNC, not to be outdone in this urination competition, told the states that their delegates wouldn't be seated at the convention and their votes wouldn't be counted. Now, with the candidates in essentially a flat-footed tie, various parties are proposing that the Florida and Michigan tallies be allowed back in, either as-is, or that those states have a second chance to vote (a revote, if you will). This is the plan endorsed by Mr. Cool, Calm, and Collected himself, DNC Chairman Howard Scream. The Clinton's want the previously-cast Florida and Michigan votes to be counted (as you can imagine, since the Hilldebeast won those states). Obama's minions want the status quo - their momentum already on the wane, they can't risk a revote, and they CERTAINLY don't want to concede those states to the Spawn of Satan.

To top it all off, Team Donkey is "tweaking" the rules by deciding to allow another 76 "at large" delegates into the convention - wild card delegates, pulled out of thin air. Only 11 states that have voted so far (13 if you count Michigan and Florida) have that many or more. Maryland doesn't have that many delegates. Tennessee has exactly that many. So what the Dems have done, in effect, is create a new "state" consisting of "connected" parties with an agenda. That's sure to make some Donkeys pretty darn unhappy, don't ya think?

I see a storm brewing that could make the Team Donkey convention the Must See event of the Summer. I'm salivating at the thought of it. It could make Chicago '68 look like a freaking picnic.

And the the Vulture smiles.....