Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Your property? I don't think so!

For all of you out there who still think that Americans are a free people, try this one on for size.

Commissioners in Martin County have unanimously passed an ordinance allowing county employees to go onto private property without permission to kill Africanized bees and treat areas where mosquitoes are breeding.
Yeah, that sounds like freedom to me -- government cronies waltzing onto your property and spraying chemicals without so much as a how-de-do.

More disturbing than the fact that Martin County seems to think that private property rights don't pertain to them is the fact that the zombie reporter from seems to imply by his or her indifference that it's perfectly okay for them to do so. Whatever happened to The Press as the Protector of the Little Guy? Oh, I forgot -- the new role of The Press is to protect big government.