Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Legend of Deadeye

There is a new gunslinger in these here parts...and she's a crack shot. Yeah, that's right. I said she.

Mrs. Vulture surprised me with a special Valentines Day present - a day of target shooting together at an indoor range down in Gaithersburg. It was such a blast!

Mrs. V. had only shot once before, when we visited my brother out West. She picked out a Smith & Wesson .38 revolver as her tool of choice. Since I've had my mind set on purchasing a larger caliber weapon, I decided to try out the Glock 22 .40 caliber semi-automatic.

Since neither of us qualify as "expert" shooters, we had to shoot with an instructor, a very nice young lady who has been shooting since she was 12. Once she was satisfied that we understood gun safety and could load and handle our weapons properly, she turned us loose.

I really liked the Glock. I wasn't thrilled with my accuracy -- I tended to hit low and to the left when the sights were aligned, meaning I had to manually compensate high and right. Still, I was left with a positive impression of the weapon.

And Mrs. V. with the revolver? OMG!!! She was AMAZING!!!

After an errant first shot, she proceeded to hit shot after shot in the bullseye area. See for yourself! (Click on the images to view them full size)
To the left is the main grouping. Outside of a few strays that were 'only' in the 9 point circle, everything she shot was grouped in a 6"x6" area. Her head shots (to the right) were even more impressive. Again, everything was grouped within a 6"x6" area.

Did I mention that Mrs. V had only shot once before in her whole life? Once.

From this day forward Mrs. V shall be known by only one name in the annuals of this blog: call her Deadeye!

To see all of the target pictures, click this link. Note that mine, not to put too fine a point on it, are dreadful in comparison with Deadeye's.

All hail Deadeye, gunslinger extraordinaire!