Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I'm not the only one

Il Duce (the President) got that nickname from me because his policies reflect those of Il Duce (Benito Mussolini), the thuggish ruler of Italy during the 20's, 30's, and early 40's.

For a time I feared that I was the only one making the connection.  The blathering heads on the radio and on TV keep calling him a Socialist or a Communist.  He may be, ideologically.  But his governing style is all Corporatist.

But now I'm not the only one to make the connection. I've finally found someone else who correctly identifies the applied governmental style of Il Duce.
Today’s leaders of the Democratic Party are not at all progressive. In fact, their ideology is regressive – a throwback to an ideology popular in the 1920s and 30s and 40s. Their vision is that people they consider the “ignorant many” should be governed by people who see themselves as the “enlightened few.”
Nowadays, “fascism” is just an all-purpose insult. Few of those who call people they don’t like “fascists” know what fascism is. Fascism is an economic system. The name comes from an ancient Roman symbol, the “fasces,” a bundle of sticks – referring to how all sectors of society would be tied together by the government.

Back in the day, many intellectuals and other so-called progressives hailed fascism as a “third way” between communism and capitalism. Under fascism, private property does exist, but it is concentrated into big businesses, controlled by the government. Workers are also concentrated, into huge unions, again, controlled by the government.

“Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.”

“All within the state. Nothing outside the state. Nothing against the state.”

– Benito Mussolini
I couldn't have said it any better myself...except that I already said it better myself.  Corporatism is Oligarchy-friendly Socialism.

I'm currently reading a book called God of the Machine.  It was written 70 years ago, in 1940.  It reads like it was written today. I'll be reviewing it in the next week or two.  It boggles the mind to learn that the bailouts of 2008 dovetail perfectly with the bailouts of The Great Depression: the first recipient of Great Depression "relief" was none other than J.P. Morgan & Co.!

I would recommend that you get a head start on reading that book.  It's an eye-opener to the methods and madness of the collectivist.  Such as, well......pretty much our entire government.