Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Because at heart, they're fascists

It was a busy week for our Stalinist friends, the Clintons. First, in a speech that didn't get nearly enough play in the media, mainstream OR alternative, former co-president Clinton made the mistake of blurting out the truth, probably for the first time in his repulsive life. I'm not speaking about his pagan "certainty" of the reality of global warming. I'm talking about the overriding goal of the global warming adherents and the rest of the left: to bring down the economies of Western nations.

"Everybody knows that global warming is real," Mr. Clinton said, giving a shout-out to Al Gore's Nobel Peace Prize, "but we cannot solve it alone."

"And maybe America, and Europe, and Japan, and Canada -- the rich counties -- would say, 'OK, we just have to slow down our economy and cut back our greenhouse gas emissions 'cause we have to save the planet for our grandchildren.' We could do that.
I think I've heard this speech before - from Jimmy Carter, the "Malaise" speech, which essentially told a 21-year-old Vulture and my contemporaries that we would have to get used to a lesser standard of living than our parents achieved. 8 years of Ronald Reagan pretty much fixed that. Nice call, asshat.

The Left just LOVES to tell the rest of us how to live. And, of course, it's always a call to live lesser lives. Always.

Ah, but Hillary was a busy little communist/fascist as well. In an appearance Sunday on ABC's This Week with Clintonista George Stephanopolis, the Beast (666) said that her health plan will be mandatory. And how!
Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton said Sunday she might be willing to garnish the wages of workers who refuse to buy health insurance to achieve coverage for all Americans.

The New York senator has criticized presidential rival Barach Obama for pushing a health plan that would not require universal coverage. Clinton has not always specified the enforcement measures she would embrace, but when pressed on ABC's "This Week," she said: "I think there are a number of mechanisms" that are possible, including "going after people's wages, automatic enrollment."

Clinton said such measures would apply only to workers who can afford health coverage but refuse to buy it, which puts undue pressure on hospitals and emergency rooms. With her proposals for subsidies, she said, "it will be affordable for everyone."
Only the ultra-Left thinks that health care at bayonet point is a peachy-keen idea.

I can hardly wait to foot the bill for less care, fewer doctors, waiting lines for services that are routinely available now, and a gun to my head prohibiting me from seeking health care outside "the system". That sounds familiar...wait, isn't that what Canada has now? Awesome, let's do that! Let's trade our current system, which provides the best possible health care, for THAT. Asshat fascist commie bastards!