Wednesday, February 27, 2008

DW discovers weak sisters seeking government intervention

DW found a news item that highlights an issue frequently broached within Vox Popoli. That is the issue of crybaby weak sisters clambering for the government to step in and “do something” about some perceived problem or other. This one is headed, predictably, by a “Ms”.

Passengers Bill Of Rights! Another TSA in the making?
Human beings should never be treated this way.” Hanni contends that airline greed is the real problem and she is adamant in her belief that it will take a Government mandated Airline Passengers Bill of Rights to rectify the situation. “Airline industry attempts at these band aid solutions are way too little… way too late. This is going to take the active involvement of our Federal representatives to finally take a stand for everyone who travels.
Why can't the airlines stand up and take care of this? Sounds like another TSA situation forming. Responsibility?? The tarmac does suck. I am torn with this.
Maybe the guy with the “Liberalism is a mental illness” book has a point. The first response to any inconvenience for a liberal is to ask the government to intervene. Every time.