Tuesday, February 26, 2008

More peace and love from the religion of peace

Islam is just plain strange...

A 70-year-old Iranian man was arrested and sentenced to four months in jail and 30 lashes for walking his dog. Police caught the man on the street with his dog in Shahr Rey, a suburb of Tehran.

Owners of domestic animals are forbidden from taking them on the streets of the city because Islam considers dogs to be impure. An Islamic judge later charged the man for "disturbing the public order,”.

Despite repeated warnings by the police, dog owners continue to defy authorities by taking their dogs outside their homes. Typical punishment for people caught with dogs outside is a fine or the "detention" of their animals in a pound.
Dogs? Impure? Them's fightin' words, pardner!

Okay, all kidding aside - who whips a 70-year-old man for WALKING HIS F'IN DOG?!?!?!?! Can somebody please explain this for me? Because I'm at a total loss. That old man may die in the course of his 30 lashes -- DIE -- because those extremist asshats consider dogs to be impure. Amazing!

Now, if it was a CAT, I'd understand it......