Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Suicide Voters

Apparently there is a movement afoot for conservatives to become "suicide voters", throwing their votes to The Beast (AKA 666 or HRC) rather than vote for John McCommie. At least that's what Charles Hurt is reporting in the NY Post.

Still, McCain has so radicalized key conservatives that some have vowed to turn themselves into suicide voters next November by pulling the lever for Hillary Rodham Clinton over him.
Tsk, tsk, tsk. Again with the small thinking! Conservatives, listen up! THERE ARE MORE THAN TWO POLITICAL PARTIES IN THE USA!!! Don't cast your vote with that soulless succubus HRC! Vote Libertarian! Vote Constitution party! Write in the "favorite son" of your choice. Show your displeasure with Team Elephant and the Rockefellerites who have hijacked the party by registering a vote that is a MEASURABLE display of conservative displeasure.

Also, consider this: any vote you give to HRC can contribute to her winning by more than 50%. If HRC is even .001 percentage points over 50%, she'll claim a mandate, the media will trumpet that mandate, and there'll be HFH (holy hell) to pay.