Thursday, February 14, 2008

DW weighs in

I may have created a monster. :)

DW is the first to take advantage of the new "Comments/Suggestions/Thought of the Day" widget. Any input I receive via this mechanism will be posted to the blog, unedited, with minimal commentary by the Vulture. It's your chance to shine.

DW's first post mostly concerns his belief that we should hold our noses in November and vote McCommie.

Wa Holy Crap! This is probably the first time ever one of my humble suggestions have been posted. So, with all this I can now give a shout out to the following: Hi Mark, Mike H, John F.
My condolences to the fine people of my beloved ex state of MD. At least the Dems voted for the better choice. GOP - You tried. I still stand by my original notion that the country is safer with McCain than ANY of the choices offered. It is interesting to read up on all of the canidates and what they stand for. McCain is NOT the best Rep. I know he is for a lot of things I am not. I am however in support of the freedoms we do have.
Next DW opines on the major grandstanding and asshattery that is going down in Washington this week.
Why in the wide wide world of sports is the Congress so consumed with steroid use in Baseball? Too much government. Baseball has always been berry berry good to me. Who the frick is congress to even question Roger Clemens? Lets talk about some of their indiscretions. Ass Licks
Ass licks, indeed. Well said, my friend.