Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Black Democratic voters = Conservative Republican voters

For years the lament in the black community has been that the Democrats take their votes for granted. Blacks vote overwhelmingly Democrat (over 90% in most elections), but are treated like red-headed stepchildren by Democrats. Oh sure, Democrats pay lip service to the needs of the black community. But it's all hot air. And why should Democrats exert themselves to actually represent the blacks? The conventional wisdom is: where else are they going to go? They're certainly NOT going to vote Republican!

So blacks piss and moan and grumble and groan about the way they're disrespected and taken for granted by their party of choice. But nothing is ever going to change so long as they continue to vote in this monolithic style. Democrats have no incentive to do anything for blacks until they feel that their votes are in jeopardy.

The situation with Team Elephant is exactly the same. The Republican establishment takes the Conservative vote for granted. Conservatives are treated like the red-headed stepchildren of the party. Their desires are ignored, dismissed -- even RIDICULED -- by the party aparatchiks. They are basically told to sit down and shut up. And why can the Rockafellerites get away with this? Where else are they (the conservatives) going to go? They're certainly NOT going to vote Democrat!

Can you see where I'm going with this?

I got off of the red-headed stepchild train a long time ago. The only reason I'm a registered Republican is so that I can vote in the primaries in my home state. I left the party in terms of my loyalties 4 years ago, and, barring some miraculous return to the ideals of our founding fathers (and Ron Paul), won't ever identify myself with that party again.

If you count yourself as a political conservative or libertarian, DO NOT VOTE REPUBLICAN in the national elections this Fall. Vote Libertarian. Vote Constitution Party. Hell, vote for Mickey Mouse. The only way to reclaim the Republican party is through tough love. And, if the party is beyond reclamation, then so be it -- we align ourselves with a third party and do everything within our power to make it into something.

Lost in the history books is the fact that the Republican party is only a little more than 150 years old. So....who was the opposition party to the Democrats prior to that? The Whigs. Whatever happened to the Whigs? The Whigs disappeared from the American landscape when a third party, the Republican party, came onto the scene as the answer to a split within the Whigs over important issues of that day. Oh, that can't happen NOW, you say. The hell it can't! ANYTHING is possible.

Stop giving away your vote to ingrates who, in their heart-of-hearts, HATE the things you hold dear.