Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Super Bowl

It's finally here! The big game. I know you're all dying to know where the Vulture stands. You know, my scouting report, breakdown of the key match-ups, analysis of the injuries, etc. Yeah........right.........

This may very well be the highest-rated TV program ever. It's not just that it's teams from two huge media markets. There's the Perfect Season angle - everyone wants to be able to say that they saw history, after all. And it looks like it may actually be a good, competitive game.

My prediction is as follows: the Patriots will win. They will cover the spread (12 1/2 points) because they will win by three touchdowns. And the '72 Dolphins can finally just go away. Oh that it might be so!

A reminder to all of you - the 49ers have won this game FIVE TIMES. So you can all just step aside and acknowledge the Kings of the Roman Numeral Game. Someday the 49ers, like the South, will rise again.