Saturday, February 23, 2008

Wiener of the Week

This week's Wiener is the Washington Post for their roll in the John McCain character assassination piece.

Hold on, Vulture, that story (if you can call a rumor-laden hit job a "story") was broken by the New York Times. Right. And who, within hours of the news of the Times story breaking, was right behind them with a "The New York Times today reports...." me-too! me too! me too! report?

Ah, but it gets better.

NEW YORK The Washington Post, which published its own story about Sen. John McCain's questionable ties to a Washington lobbyist just hours after The New York Times broke the story, was unable to finish its work on the story until the Times broke the news, according to Executive Editor Leonard Downie Jr.

"We had elements of the story in story form," Downie told E&P Thursday. "When the Times story appeared on their Web site last night, we were able to talk to sources who gave us further information that made it able to be published today. There were people who talked to us last night in ways that made us able to finish our story after the Times story went up."
What "elements" could you POSSIBLY have been missing? The spelling of "Iseman"? I mean, the "story" was nothing but 9-year-old rumor and innuendo, with some 20-year-old "Keating 5" thrown in for good measure. Are we disingenuous much, Mr. Downie?

This isn't the paper of Woodward and Bernstein any more. This is a poodle, carrying water for the Big Dog, the NYT.

For it's bed-wetting subservience to the NYT, the Washington Post is my Wiener of the Week.